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Sell More.

New unique opportunity to reach more local customers in the Downtown Dunnville scene!

If you're a business located in Dunnville or surrounding areas and are looking for a great way to reach your local audience, we have a new solution for you! There will be a large digital billboard located on a corner
building at 140 Broad St.

The Nitty Gritty:

7sec ads : 84 blips per half hour

10sec ads : 49 blips per half hour

30 sec ads : 27 blips per half hour

That's a minimum of: 

1512 blips Mon-Fri

882 blips Mon-Fri

486 blips Mon-Fri

*based on minimum operating hours of the building. Some days would have longer exposure.


Choose from one of our convenient packages and start moving your marketing forward! 
Packages are billed monthly. 

If you're hosting a community event or are a non-profit reach out for our special rates!






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